Sandline - Papua New Guinea

Sandline contract with Papua New Guinea - January 1997

Schedule of deliverables attached to contract - January 1997

Text of the 1998 award in the arbitration with PNG

The Telegraph, 23 March 1997, Mercenary 'leader' faces gun charges

News-Times, 28 March 1997, Australian jets intercept plane carrying mercenaries' weapons

The Telegraph, 1 April 1997, Officer plays down Rambo image as the day of reckoning dawns

The Telegraph, 3 April 1997, Spicer tells inquiry of 250,000 missing from office safe

The Telegraph, 11 April 1997, My life was threatened says freed mercenary

New Statesman, 25 April 1997, Old dogs of war learn new tricks

Sunday Telegraph, 7 March 1999, Sandline sues to seize nation's assets

1 May 1999: PNG Government and Sandline agree settlement terms

1 May 1999, BBC, PNG pays up to mercenaries

21 May 1999, PNG Independent, Court cases against Sandline withdrawn

21 October 1999, Australian report on Bougainville - see paras 2.77 to 2.114

22 March 2000, PNG National, Singirok is dismissed

27 March 2000, The Guardian, British bribes get general the sack

10 July 2000, ABC Radio Australia, Three PNG soldiers sentenced for mutiny

12 July 2000, Sydney Morning Herald, Mutiny officers receive lengthy jail sentences

14 February 2001, ABC Radio Australia, Singirok loses dismissal challenge

11 April 2001, Courier-Mail, Sandline choppers stored by RAAF

8 December 2003, The Australian, Chopper sale grounded

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